“I’m blonde. What’s your excuse?”


Welcome to the site of Holly Riley; Humorist, Speaker, Apple Exper, IT Consultant, and Blogger. She is the creator and principal writer of three mainstream blogs: The Adventures of Bimbolinaho,   Creative Thinking Group, & The Blonde Byte and she’s the Author of two manuscripts about to be published. Holly is a tier 3 trained corporate facilitator who has facilitated many training sessions for Apple Inc. Facilitating is her passion; especially when it’s about technology. She wants to empower women through technology using the skills she learned on the job as an Apple Technician. Holly has also written columns and reviews for other blogs/companies such as BuzzFeed, Liberal America, Media Shower, Medium, News for Shoppers, and HuffPost Blogs. Recently, she was interviewed by the following sites to be a featured Blogger/Reviewer: The Huffington Post, HelloGiggles, and Entertainment Weekly. (Fingers Crossed!)

Holly is currently seeking representation. If interested, please contact her at: holly@theblondebyte.com or click here.

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